Friday, December 9, 2005


Okay, I went to change my avatar for Christmas. I have a great avatar that Hunibuni did for me about a year ago (when she was still doing the custom ones). All of a sudden it dawned on me - remember my external hard drive crash? Remember how I lost all my layouts and all my kits? I lost my avatar! SO SAD! I don't have an avatar anymore! I love Dawn's new ones, but it isn't MINE, ykwim? And I am SO uncreative that I know I couldn't do one myself. The one I ended up with for Christmas is so LAME!  Holidays Ugh - I am so bummed about this! And God Forbid I put up a photo of myself again - the Halloween one scared the pants out of too many people! I had so many members at RAKScraps asking me to take it down... did you miss it? Here it is (note - you have to click on it to get the full effect!!!!): Halloween