Tuesday, September 20, 2005

You will NOT believe this!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe this! This is just the icing on the cake to my past week or two...

My external hard drive is busted! It is a western digital 120GB (of which 100GB are being used), and the red and green lights are on simultaneously. What does that mean, you ask? This is from the WD website:

The red and green lights stay on or blink and flash continuously when the external drive is powered on. The drive is not recognized by the computer system when this occurs.

There are three possible causes:

  • A failure of the power supply

  • A failure of the hard drive.

  • Inadequate power supplied to the hard drive (from the power source such as a wall socket or surge protector).


  • If the hard drive is connected to a surge protector or UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), please connect the drive's power directly to a wall socket.

  • If the hard drive is connected to a wall socket already, please try connecting the hard drive to another wall socket. If this does not resolve the issue, the power supply may be defective and can be replaced from the directions below.

  • If the replacement power supply does not resolve the issue, the drive is defective and will no longer be accessible from the computer. Please see Answer ID 8 for drive replacement options and Answer ID 70 for data recovery options available to Western Digital customers.

I tried the power cord thing, and nothing. So. How bad is it you ask?

Good news first - all of my photos are backed up in three places, so I didn't lose any of them.

News that isn't TOO bad - I lost MOST of my purchased / downloaded kits, some I had backed up and others I hadn't. I lost 75% of my purchases. Yeah it sucks, but I am okay with it.

The really horrible awful news - ALL OF MY LAYOUTS ARE COMPLETELY GONE. Every digital layout I have ever done is no longer in existence. I thought they were on my old laptop as a backup, but they are not (some are but the .zip file is corrupt!). I have only printed a few of them - in fact, I was starting on Colton's birthday gift (I am doing a hardbound book through Heritage Makers about Colton and his favorite thing in the world - trains) so I went to retrieve the tons and tons of Colton and Thomas the Tank layouts I had done to upload them to be printed in the books AND THEY ARE GONE! I have no layouts! All the journaling about the kids, all the stuff I put my heart and soul into, is gone just like that! POOF! As Krista said, at least I have the ones I posted in galleries (only a handful of them are posted though), but those are not print quality :o( SO SAD!!!

Those of you who have offered to scrap for me - THANK YOU! I will be taking you up on that. I feel so overwhelmed with my life right now that this just put me over! I haven't been this down in the dumps in a long time... Jeff is out of town until Thursday, my hard drive is gone (which means I have to either scrap super fast for Colton's book or forget the idea), and we have not heard back on the insurance appeal for the MRS test nor have we heard form the school regarding Colton's stuff. On top of all this personal crap, Scrapdish's host has been spotty lately causing some icky customer service issues (we are going to transfer servers to get more reliable service!) and then rakscraps was down for a bit today!

<sigh> Sorry about the pity party - second time in two weeks!