Friday, August 5, 2005

Ewwwwwww - Details on my "sickness"

GROSS POST - only read if you want details on what is up with me being ill

Geez it sucks being sick! So Sunday I went to the ER with swelling in my mouth and tongue along with all these mouth lesions. The swelling was spreading to my throat causing me to have difficulty breathing. Anyhoo, went to the ER, they put me on a bunch of stuff, and I was on my way. They said it was an infection gone crazy. So, I stay in bed Sunday. Monday and Tuesday Jeff worked so I basically watched the kids tear up the house from the couch and didn't care. Wedesday I woke up with so much blood and swelling in my mouth Jeff was like OMG - we gotta go to the dr again ASAP since you are getting worse! So, headed off to the dr, got some awesome pain meds and stuff and he said this infection is knocking me on my butt and I have to take it easy. Rest, no stress, etc - you know the deal. I have a suppressed immune system so I guess that is causing this infection to go nutty. Anyway, Wed spent in bed since Jeff stayed home. Thursday I felt worse than Wednesday, but oh well. Today I actually have a bit of energy! Can you believe it! But now my tongue has blisters that keep popping and I have a fever, so that kinda counteracts the more energy bit. If I don't talk or swallow I am okay.

So, that is why I have been absent from rakscraps and everything else. No new designs, and I have not done a layout in 4 months! Can you believe that? Ugh. I put some stuff on sale at scrapdish just so people don't forget about me :-)