Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Birthdays? Blech!

Today is my birthday, and I really don't like birthdays. What a scrooge I am, eh? I don't know.... it is just something about getting older and not having things "accomplished" that I was hoping for. I am always really crabby on my birthday - so watch out! LOL! But, I noticed that my fabulous friends over at left me some really sweet cards (thank you) which certainly helped my mood! Really, thanks from the bottom of my heart. All of my cyber-friends are so special to me, and you all have helped me through this rough year and a half... THANK YOU. Thank you for the encouragement, the support, and the friendship. Thank you for being you.

Now, gifts can be sent via email, or if you need my address........

ROFLOL! Enjoy your day!