Monday, July 11, 2005

What a Day!

Ugh - so much to type, yet so little time tonight! Calista and I were at the hospital all day (had to leave the house at 6am), Colton had his first day of school (Jeff was home with him), had 8 vials of blood drawn for testing... it was just a packed day of crabby kiddos!!!

Calista had an MRI, EEG, BAER test, Hip Xray, Acid test, bloodwork and some other stuff done at the hospital No results until tomorrow at the earliest. Ugh - hate waiting for that stuff!

Colton's first day of ESY (extended school year) will be a post by itself when I get a chance to type it... have to go care for Calista who is still kinda "dopey" from all the drugs! Colton had a ton of bloodwork to test some chromosome thing and allergies. Luckily since I was at the hospital with Cali-girl Jeff had to take Colton for the bloodwork! LOL!!

Well, I am super tired since we had to keep Calista up til midnight and had to wake her up at 4 (she had to be sleep deprived AND could not eat /drink!). So I am off to bed!