Thursday, July 7, 2005


I am really tired today. This is Colton's last week before the extended school year starts on July 11th, and I spent most of the day talking with the bus company and the school. They waited until today to call me and tell me when the bus was coming to get him, even though I have called almost every day for 2 weeks to get that information! Hello! The kid is 3 1/2 years old - I would like to know when the bus is coming! So they say he is getting picked up at 8:15 (school starts at 9:00). I ask when is he being dropped off after school? And they say "11:30". Ummmm.... he is supposed to be at school from 9-1pm! The bus company says no, he is there 9-11! And we go back and forth. I then call the school and NO ONE IS THERE. Director is on vacation, secretary is on vacation, teachers aren't in. So, we have no idea when Colton is coming home? They had told us 9-1, and now we are being told 9-11? Which is it? As I said I have been leaving messages and calling the school for 2 weeks to get this info, and now I am getting contradicting times. Makes me wonder who I am leaving my child with!

This would not be such a big deal if Cali wasn't scheduled for a hospital stay on Monday (she is getting her MRI, EEG, X-RAYS, bloodwork, etc done). Mom was going to watch Colton and get him on the bus in the am while Jeff and I took Cali to the hospital. Jeff was then going to come home to help get Colton off the bus at 1:30ish. Well, now that we have no clue what is going on with Colton's school hours, Jeff is going to have to stay home while I take Calista to the hospital (which is 1 hour + away) in case Jeff has to go to the school to straighten things out with Colton!  Boy I hope they can get Calista in and out of the hospital in one day instead of the 2 they are planning...

This school is ridiculous! I cannot believe it is the week before the summer session and they don't know when Colton will be there?