Sunday, July 17, 2005


Oh this week was a bad, bad one. This is going to be one huge whiney post, so please skip it if you don't want to hear my self-pity rants. It is one of those weeks where I have to feel a little sorry for myself before I can pick up and move on to a new week, ykwim?

First, thanks so much for all the emails and pm's of encouragement lately. You all are so sweet and help keep me going when I need it most, which is now! I didn't think I had any more tears left after the past year's ups and downs, but this week I managed to find an ocean of them!

I am not ready to go into a ton of detail, but that will come. We did get results back on Calista. Not ready to share yet since it is not really good news, although of course it could be worse. Not sure what it all means either. Have to sort it out. We did get Colton's allergy test results back as well. TOTAL SHOCK!!!!!!!

Colton has eczema and a constant runny nose with sneezing and itchy eyes. I figured he, like me, was allergic to pollen and dust, mold, etc. Boy were we surprised when we got the call that he is VERY allergic to dogs, peanuts, and egg whites and SLIGHTLY allergic to dairy and cats. Now, I would have bet money that he was not allergic to any of these except maybe the cat. OMG - he is really allergic to dogs and we have TWO DOGS!!! So now we have to give our dogs away - SOB!! We have a 5 year old yellow lab (Seymour) and a 3 1/2 year old cocker spaniel (Cosette) we have to say good bye to. My husband is slightly allergic to dogs and has asthma, so we have always had the hepa filters, the hepa vacuums, the dog allergy sprays, etc. and they help a bit. BUT now that colton has this as well we really need to get rid of our dogs! *CRYING*

On top of that is the peanut / egg white allergy! We had no idea (keep in mind colton has a menu of 5-10 items he will eat, none of which are high in peanuts or egg whites thank goodness). BUT lately part of his "therapy" is that he has to try new foods to the point that we have to shove it in his mouth. Well, now we have to look for things without peanut stuff and without egg whites? Poor colton. Isn't enough that he has those other issues and now the allergy-thing? Well, dr prescribed an epipen and I had to call the school. School says their policy is at lunch kids with peanut allergies must eat at a special "peanut-free" table. I said no, he is already singled out due to his other issues I don't want him at a peanut-free table (currently there are no other kids in the ESY who have a peanut allergy). She said that is their rule, and I said I will sign a waiver! I don't want the poor guy who has difficulty in social settings to now have to sit by himself at lunch because of a peanut allergy that we did not even know about! GRRRRRR!

He had some other blood work we are waiting to get. Hopefully it is all normal. I don't think I can handle another blow this week.

Anyone want a dog? :-(