Friday, July 22, 2005

Down the Shore with Krista


Finally! Poor Krista - I am so slow compared to her! She did such a great job with this and I putzed around with it because I had huge creative blocks and huge personal issues! Krista rocks - her designs are awesome and it was SO FUN to work with her! Maybe we will do another one (that is if she would ever want to with me - big slacker I am!)

Anyway, this kit was created using really old photos and postcards of Krista's, plus many photos straight from the Jersey Shore by yours truly! I even handmade "real" papers and scanned them in for this kit... walnut ink, twigs and beach debris, and that paper making stuff from Michael's all were used! Fun, huh?

If you like it, it is available at Scrapdish and Digital Freebies (rush on over to Digital Freebies this week - they have a free add-on to the kit!). Thanks for humoring me and reading this :)