Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Link: Vavoom! $550 down the tubes for a VACUUM????

So, as you may or may not know in addition to my 2 young ones I have a 4 year-old yellow lab (Seymour), a 3 year-old cocker spaniel (Cosette), and a 10 year-old black cat (Mistletoe). The cat was mine, the dogs Jeff bought me as gifts (although I never asked for these "gifts"). Seymour and Mistletoe shed a fur coat a day. It is disgusting. Cali and Jeff have asthma. We vacuum the family room and living room DAILY and in three years have been through 2 hoover wind tunnel $300+ vacuums (each repaired twice costing $30-$90 pre repair). Well, both vacuums broke AGAIN last week. Ugh - no vacuum? How will we survive!?!?!?

When I woke up yesterday I saw that our throw rugs (normally a burgundy color) were starting to look pink from a layer of white fur from Seymour. TOTALLY GROSS. So, I did a bit of research, called friends, etc asking about vacuums. Everything pointed to Dyson. So, I look up the cost for a Dyson thinking around $400... NO!!! THIS THING IS $550!! For a stinkin' vacuum? I call Jeff and say, "ummm, I know you don't want to see that child advocate for $200 per hour, but do you think we should get a $550 vacuum?" And he says, yes, buy it. So off to target this morning to buy the vacuum. Checkout guy scans it and says, is this right? $550? I say "I would love to tell you no it is not, but that would be lying..." I bring the vacuum home. The box is still in the middle of the kitchen. I am afraid to open it. I fear that this vacuum just sucked $550 out of my what next? A dog? A child? Jeff? :o)

Anyone have a good vacuum they would recommend?