Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pet Peeves (WARNING: may be offensive)

(1) When someone emails me and uses the following phrase: "I must be a retard, because I can't find the mega kit link" or "I am such a retard for forgetting that" or "what a retard". I think someone shoots through an email to me with that word at least once a month. I am almost offended when people use the word "retard" in such a derogatory way, having 2 disabled kids myself. It makes me cringe to think that if adults are using the word that way just think of what kids are saying? Especially if those kids are talking that way to "atypical" children? So please choose words carefully! An email that says "I seem to be unable to locate the mega kit. Can you please help?" would be wonderful. Or "I must have forgotten that" would suffice nicely! I really hate that word!

(2) I received at least 10 private messages today about yesterday's mega kit link. Now some of them were very polite. Others were not. I certainly don't mind giving hints and help to people who are having a bit of trouble finding the link - that is no problem! Just PLEASE be nice about it! I really don't like answering to people who are typing IN ALL CAPS SAYING THAT THEY WILL GO ELSEWHERE SINCE THEY CAN'T DEAL WITH THIS HIDE AND SEEK GAME. Honestly I have no problem helping out, just please be considerate! I am yelled at by my 3 year-old all day and I would appreciate not being yelled at by members of rakscraps about free kits! Please! And for those of you who want to know why we do the mega kits this way, please take a listen to the interview at (June 1 show). I explain it in full detail.

Thanks for letting me vent.