Monday, June 13, 2005

I told you I would SUCK at this!

Yes, I suck. I am no good at this. Big old failure at blogging. Suck. Hmph.

Anyhoo, last Thursday I had such a treat - I met Krista Mettler ( and and Melissa Goerke ( for dinner! How cool is that! We spent the time dishing about digital scrapbooking and just general "stuff". I had such a good time with them, and hope we can get together again soon! Now I only wish I could meet other digi-scrappin' "friends" in person (you know, Correen, Robin, Rachel, Laura (turtlemama), Clara, etc etc). <sigh>

Let's see... have a ton to do. Calista has to go into the hospital for a couple more days next week and we have to meet with Colton's special ed teacher / administrator AGAIN. We are looking to hire a child advocate to help us with the school system (they are denying him services that the State requires), but at $250 an hour - that is STEEP! And, on top of that, they are recommending a social skills class for his autism that is $600 for 6 weeks (1 hour per week). OMG - I guess parents of kids with disabilities are supposed to be wealthy. NOT US. Have to prepare for that stuff and schedule Cali's hospital stay.

Have to do the Mega kit preview for - it is almost that time again. Can you believe it? WOW this month flew. Newsletter goes out the 15th. We have such an awesome crew of CT members - this is the biggest mega kit yet. Woo hoo.

Did you all listen in to radio 2 weeks ago? I think it is still up on her site... Tanya interviewed little old me! She is really sweet and made me feel comfortable (and I was a total nervous wreck). If you haven't listened yet, check it out! Also take a look at - looks like fun.

I must say that my new daddy-O kit was really fun to make although very bright. I guess Laura started me on this "no pink" kick... Y'all think it is too bright? Jbaechtold_daddyo_preview_lrg BTW - there is a "RAK" in the forums with 2 add-on tags to this kit (check out in the chatterbox forum).

Let's see... working on a USA kit for the fourth. I was feeling very patriotic this weekend I guess, along with feeling very HOT. Gosh is it hot - 99 degrees and humid as heck. Calista can't breathe in this weather, and Colton's school does not have air conditioning. He comes home just beat!

My father-in-law is coming out to visit on friday for a week. My husband is not taking off work, so I will be the entertainer for a week (not my idea of a good time). Anyone want to do a playdate so I can get out of the house? PLEASE?

I am debating on going to that CKU in July and the digiscrap convention in October. Any opinions on these?

Okeedokee. Enough rambling for now. Thanks for reading this boring boring blog.