Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What a COOL day!

This day has been awesome! I rarely have good days - really! But today, I finished my sampler download for SBB, finished my May minikit for RAKScraps, got an EXCELLENT package from Laura (DSW - Turtlemama, the Digital Pusher, whatever you like to call her works!), and NOW I find out I get to go to see "The View" tomorrow! Yippee! Details here: http://www.rakscraps.com/forums/showthread.php?p=48917#post48917. DH refused to take off work, but I guess threatening him with divorce changed his mind! Look for me in the audience, k? I only wish I had ordered my RAKScraps tshirt (www.cafepress.com/rmcdesigns) beforehand so I can have it emblazened on my chest :)

What was in the package you ask? A CD and yummy DC (diet coke) with splenda! We don't have that here in NJ yet! Ain't she the best?

So, even though it will be my third week with no uploads for sale, I did have a productive day!