Monday, May 16, 2005

It has been For-E-vah!

Ugh! I just KNEW I would stink at keeping up with this blog thing! LOL! Ah well. Not that anyone is reading it...

So, I am going to host a crop at Digital Scrapping World on May 31st. Actually I am hosting TWO. And "The Digital Pusher" (aka Laura, or Turtlemama) has insisted I do TWO minikits with no pink. Hmph. ROFL. So I think okay, a nice summer-y blue and green. Then C goes and makes a kit with those colors! Darn that Correen :O)

Don't you just LOVE the new home page at C did an awesome job with Rach's kit. I have the best team to work with there! C, Rach and Robin just ROCK! The CT and the mods are wonderful too. Oh I feel the love! LOL!

Uploaded a freebie to, but to the dismay of the RAK newsletter readers it is the same one as in the newsletter. Once I actually get another kit done for sale maybe I will do some more freebies.Jbaechtold_momentsintime_40 This was the last kit I uploaded.

I thought the colors were pretty unique, but then noticed 3 kits this week with the same colors - tee hee. I guess it is hard to be unique nowadays (don't I sound like an old lady?).


Ummmm... let's see. Colton's autism is getting worse now that he has started the Early Bird program. They say it is because more demands are put on him now. He has a preschool program Tues and Thurs mornings and the Early Bird every afternoon, but I think we are going to pull him from the preschool program and concentrate on a more specialized "session" dedicated to autistic students. We have our IEP meeting on the 26th, which will not be pleasant since we are not getting the services the state requires (the school district says they don't have the funds). They want to increase his speech services and do an OT eval which I think would help him immensely though. At least it might, but so would benadryl for the ADHD if he wouldn't make himself gag (and have it all come up) when he took it! We will see.

Calista had early intervention today (special ed) - she has it Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons. They are not happy with her progress, and she is getting frustrated that she cannot communicate with us. She cries constantly and groans and grunts and I have no clue what she wants, then she yells out and starts screaming. Now they are wondering if some or her trances and movements are related to something other than her original diagnosis - more cerebral palsy related.

Let me tell you - I do not have a happy household! ROFL! UGH! Thank goodness for scrapping ;-)